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DAVE ARDEN Releases New Folk/Rock Album ‘RED DESERT MAN’ on March 14

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Maintaining momentum post the release of Kokatha/Gunditijmara Clan, Dave Arden is proud to release his third album Red Desert Man on March 14. Red Desert Man is an introspective look at his experience as an Aboriginal man, searching for his identity and having a voice.

“The album is about where you come from and who you are. Once you find out who you are through that family tree you can start connecting the dots to understanding how much family you’ve got. Its a special album to me because it explores my roots and has helped me to rediscover my identity.” – Dave Arden

Dave’s tip of the hat to Joe Hayes with Baby, Baby, Baby, Toni Mcintosh’s beautiful song, Bridges, singer, songman Andrew Alberts – Back Where I Belong and Kutrcha Edwards, Coming Home To You, are covered brilliantly. Dave along with his brother Wally, and niece Anita, wrote ‘So Young’ which also made the grade on Uncle Archie Roach’s second album ‘Jammu Dreaming’.

“His use of dynamics is simply brilliant. I believe he is one of the finest vocalists and songwriters in this country and one of the finest guitarists you will ever hear.”– Archie Roach

For Dave it’s all about family, community, culture, custom, lingo and tribal life. Dave’s forefathers hailed from Kokatha on the west coast of the Ceduna desert country, these influences have etched his path, and can be heard throughout the album, Red Desert Man.

Dave has been a staple in the Australian music industry for the past 36 years, performing with legendary musicians like Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, Shane Howard and Kutcha Edwards.

Red Desert Man is available on all digital platforms from March 14, 2020. Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/red-desert-man/1500699959?ls=1

On Saturday the 14th of March, Dave Arden will be performing songs from Red Desert Man at The Thornbury Theatre Melbourne. Special Guests Kutcha Edwards, Yung Warriors, B Savina & Amos Roach.

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/801373287065441/

Oztix Link: https://thornburytheatre.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/304210ad-147e-40d2-a75f-3e314e7e450a?Event=112943





Red Desert Man – Track Listing

Kokatha Gundijtmara Clan 4:44

This song about Dave’s two tribal backgrounds. He’s father clan, the Gunditjmara people in Western district of Victoria and his mother clan, the Kokatha people of The West Coast of South Australia.

Baby Baby Baby 4:34

This is a beautiful song by Joe Hayes a Gunai/Kurnai Singer, Songman from East Gippsland, Victoria

Red Desert Man 4:25

Dave’s wife Violet awoke one day and described a dream of her forebears to Dave who had been reflecting on his own people’s lineage. This led to Dave writing the sublime and compelling song that has become Red Desert Man

I See I Hear 5:19

A healing song Dave wrote for his brother, and for his family to recount the journey that Dave’s birth Mother went through in her life, as part of the Stolen Generation.

Close My Eyes 5:16

This is about Dave’s sisters and brothers that he had but never had the chance to grow up with due to the Assimilation Policy. This song is a remembering of all the things that have been and could’ve been.

Bridges 4:27

A beautiful song by Toni Mcintosh, a singer and songman from Bourke ‘NSW’

Spirit 3:54

a song about bringing up your children. The desire to make sure that the beautiful people we have reared up are right to go off into the world, and that are right now to live their life. It is a reassurance that we are always there for them if they need us.

Back Where I Belong 4:22

Thie track is by Andrew Alberts a Gunditjmara, singer, songman. It is about his father and himself in the Gunditjmara country where he and his family grew up from the western district, Victoria.

So Young 3:28

This song Dave Arden, Brother Wally Arden and Dave’s Niece Anita North wrote together. It is an important song to him as originally it was recorded with Uncle Archie Roach on his second album called ‘Jammu Dreaming’.

Coming Home To You 4:38

This beautiful song is by Kutcha Edwards a Mutti Mutti, singer, songman. from Balranald, New South Wales.




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