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Rediscovering LENKA

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When Lenka’s single ‘The Show’ burst on to the scene in 2008, it went from strength to strength across the film and tv world, culminating in Billy Crystal performing it at the 2012 Oscars, solidifying her as an internationally respected songwriter.

Lenka’s music has always offered a whimsical optimism; whether it be through her songwriting with acclaimed band Decoder Ring; to her solo whirlwind major-label pop career with Epic Records (New York); throughout her worldwide touring and huge success in Asia, and the launch of her own independent label Skipalong Records. Lenka’s songwriting has taken her from highs such as her recent performance at Australia’s Fairgrounds Festival alongside Liam Gallagher and The Lemonheads; to the lows of a personal struggle with mental health. What has become crystal clear through her most recent writing and recording journey though, is that music is her therapy.

Songwriting is Lenka’s lock and key to unpacking her own feelings. When Lenka found herself unable to find the words for her music, she also discovered how much she had relied on this process to asses her own emotions. Struggling with depression and anxiety and at a loss for how to find the words within herself, Lenka turned to other writers’ music. It was through the process of playing around with covers that Lenka managed to reignite her own inspiration, resulting in her latest creation of Recover and Discover.

Released February 14, Recover sees Lenka reinvented her single ‘The Show’ and stamp her own sound on well-known favourites including Pat Benatar’s ‘We Belong’; Marvin Hamlisch’s 1963 ‘Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows’; Aretha Franklin’s ‘RESPECT’; Bob Dylan’s ‘Mr Tambourine Man’; and Gregg Diamond and Marc Constanzo’s Steal My Sunshine’. Lenka explains her inspiration for working with ‘Steal My Sunshine’… “Lyrically this song is very confusing, and I kinda love that with songs. To me, this song speaks of the hazy, crazy days of a misspent youth and it reminds me of the feeling I had back then of wanting to stumble around in my own little bubble. The process of reinvention on this one reminded me of my strengths as a songwriter and that was very important in the whole journey for me. The journey from covers to originals.”

Released February 28, Discover serves up six brand new Lenka originals, featuring the much-loved debut single ‘On My Side’ released late last year. The EP offers a chance to daydream with ‘Little Love’; a moment to float for awhile with ‘Sweet Time’; steps into darker territory with ‘Back on Track’; and provides a deep sense of gratitude with ‘Goodbye Beautiful Day’. Produced by Avalanches founding member Darren Seltmann, Lenka’s new single ‘What Goes Up’ was the last song written for the EP – the flood gates were really open by this stage Lenka explains…“I think with this one I’ve created a classic Lenka song, much like my early songs exploring the ups and downs of our own mental and emotional journeys. I do this so I can make myself feel better about everything not being perfect all the time. It’s my therapy and it really works for me! Then I get to play the song live and remind myself again and again.”

Filmed Christmas Day on a hidden piece of paradise in the NSW South Coast with brother Daniel Kripac behind the camera, Lenka’s new video clip ‘What Goes Up’ is another example of Lenka’s inspiring DIY talents.

Recover and Discover is an ode to music and the power it has to transform a state of being.


6th March – Melbourne, The Toff In Town (With Georgia Fields)
8th March – Sydney, Django, Camelot
10th March – Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Mill (with Emma Knights)
11th March – Brisbane, The Junk Bar
14th March – Berry School of Arts (with Kay Proudlove)

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