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Born To Run takes you on a journey. A journey that is fuelled by passion, determination and vision. A journey that belongs to musician Bruce Springsteen. In this autobiography he brings his fans along for the ride. After all, as he often alludes to in the book, the journey is not complete without them.


If you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen’s, chances are you have been lucky enough to attend one or more of his concerts and you are fully aware of the high energy this musician has and gives. That level of energy is not disguised in this book. At over 500 pages he doesn’t race through the journey of his life nor does he take it so slowly you wish he would hurry up. The pace of the read is perfect. You can feel the energy and passion that he gives to his music, to his performances and to this book. He is a man of dedication, pride, vision and control. Not that, as you will discover, he is always in control. He openly shares his fears and his battles with depression.


There is a strong sense of love and appreciation in this book. Love for his music, his parents, kids, the E Street Band and the fans. An appreciation for his family and friends. An appreciation that he is fortunate enough to be successful in the tough world of the music industry and an acknowledgment that it’s not just talent that has made him the worldwide success he is.


The following passage from the book is one of my favourites. It says so much in a few sentences.


“When you came to work with me, I had to be assured you’d bring your heart. Heart sealed the deal. That’s why the E Street Band plays steamroller strong and undiminished, forty years in, night after night. We are more than an idea, an aesthetic. We are a philosophy, a collective, with a professional code of honour. It is based on the principle that we bring our best, everything we have, on this night, to remind you of everything you have, your best. That it’s a privilege to exchange smiles, soul and heart directly with the people in front of you. That it’s an honour and great fun to join in concert with those whom you’ve invested so much of yourself in and they in you, your fans, the stars above, this moment, and apply your trade humbly (or not so!) as a piece of a long spirited chain you’re thankful to be a small link in.”  (from page 217)



I encourage you to take the ride and read this book. If you are a fan of this great musician, you will certainly feel that you are a part of the journey and a small link in Bruce’s world. It will not disappoint.



Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

First published by Simon & Schuster 2016 

Review by Suzanne Bunker

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