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CrewCare – A New National Organisation To Help Those Who Put Shows On The Road

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CrewCare is a newly formed organisation of experienced men and women in the entertainment industry who want to improve the care for all workers in the production and allied industries.

CrewCare is all about looking after the crew – supporting technical and backstage personnel and their loved ones, those who work or have worked in the Australian live music and entertainment scenes.

Howard Freeman, CrewCare co-founder said, “A lot of crew are in financial, emotional and physical distress. A lot of them don’t put their hand up. Their cries often go unheard – but not anymore. CrewCare will make a difference – with your help. Together we can, and we will, make a difference to this live music industry“.

The pressure and demands of the entertainment industry can be intense, particularly on live production crew. It is an industry that functions on time constraints and performance under pressure. Working under such demanding conditions can sometimes have huge repercussions, not just on individuals, but partners, families and friends as well.

A not-for-profit organisation, CrewCare organised the national 2019 Roady4Roadies events which raised over $62,000 for crew in its first year and will continue and expand in 2020. There are many other areas of fund-raising well advanced in their planning by the CrewCare team which includes some of the most experienced figures in the Australian live production world and associated music industry areas.

Proudly partnering with Support Act, the aim of CrewCare is to raise money and awareness whilst looking after the welfare of all Australian professional production workers. CrewCare directs all donations and fundraised monies through the Support Act ‘Roadies’¬†Fund, ensuring that crew have access to ongoing vital crisis relief and mental health services.

If you have contributed to the production of live music in Australia, CrewCare is here for you. CrewCare is a voluntary organisation that relies on memberships to ensure all fundraising efforts are directed to Support Act and meet their intended purpose. Supporters are also encouraged to join CrewCare at CrewCare.org.au/membership

“Many of our top industry professionals, from all areas of the music business, are now working together to establish this. Agents, promoters, publicists, venues, labels, managers, artists … the list goes on, all freely giving their time (and money), working alongside the best crew in the country… the best in the world!“, added Tony Moran, CrewCare co-founder.

CrewCare is not just about fundraising. It is already, and will continue to be, a representative music industry organisation working in the areas of education, advocacy, research, support, mental health and physical wellbeing.

CrewCare is simply the organisation that the Australian live production industry has needed for a long time. Now it is here.

To make a donation and help crew in crisis, please give to the Support Act ‘Roadies’ Fund at CrewCare.org.au/donate. All monies go to assist live music production crew through their crisis relief service. All donations are issued with a tax deductible receipt.

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