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GOANNA to perform at RALLY FOR NATIVE FORESTS on Saturday, following release of new single ‘takayna’

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The Bob Brown Foundation is rallying nationwide for an end to native forest logging and in Melbourne, the rally will happen on Parliament House steps on Saturday.

Starting at 11AM, the rally will feature speakers and live music, including an appearance from iconic Australian act Goanna. Led by Shane Howard, Goanna have released the new single and video “takayna” in support of the Tarkine rainforest in North West Tasmania, which is currently under threat from logging and mining. ‘takayna’ is Goanna’s first new song in 25 years and proceeds from the single go to the Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna/Tarkine campaign.

“We are rallying action for secure native forest protection and an immediate end to native forest logging across Australia.  While Premier Andrews has ended native forest logging, we are seeking secure conservation of all native forests.  Forests are essential for all native species that rely on them for habitat. Protecting Native Forests is the most cost effective and immediate way to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises we are facing,” Jenna Schroder, Bob Brown Foundation Melbourne Rally Organiser said.

“Now is the time for all good people to come to the defence of the rainforests and wildlife. This is part of the global rainforest end years. Either we make a stand in wealthy Australia to stop this completely unwarranted and needless destruction or the game is up for the world’s future environmental security. We cannot ask people elsewhere to do what we aren’t prepared to do ourselves,” Bob Brown said.

What: Rally with speakers and music.
When:  11am Saturday 12th August 2023.
Where: Parliament House Steps, Melbourne.
Guest Speakers / Performers:
Scott Jordan – Bob Brown Foundation
David Wandin – Wurundjeri Elder
Janet Rice –  Greens MP
Message from Dr. Colette Harmsen
Vanessa Bleyer – Lawyer
 Chris Schuringa 

Bob Brown & Shane Howard

Goanna’s new single “takayne” was written by Shane Howard in support of the Bob Brown Foundation‘s campaign to save takayne – which is palawa* word the ancient Tarkine rainforest in North West Tasmania – from logging and mining. (NB: * The palawa are the Aboriginal people of the Tasmania. ‘takayna’ and ‘palawa’ are in lowercase in accordance with palawa kani protocols.) 

The video for the single features stunning footage of the Tarkine rainforest intercut with footage of the group performing the song live late last year at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall. 

Described as ‘Australia’s Amazon’, the ancient Tarkine temperate rainforest spreads across half a million hectares of mountains, creeks and rivers that run to the Southern Ocean. Unique and brimming with biodiversity, takayna/Tarkine  is not protected from logging, deforestation or mining expansion.

Shane Howard describes the new single as, ”A hymn to the natural world, to takayna/Tarkine and the palawa people’s long custodianship of that country.”

Bob Brown has said, “This is a great song and a good omen for the Tarkine rainforest. 40 years on, may it work the same magic as Shane Howard’s ‘Let the Franklin Flow’ did in raising everyone’s spirits as we battled to successfully save the Franklin.”  

Recorded live, last year, at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall, as part of Goanna’s ‘Touring on Country’ National Tour, Howard’s poetic song features all the signature sounds of early Goanna recordings: Rose Bygrave and Marcia Howard’s stunning harmonies, Graham Davidge and Howard’s trademark guitar lines, the solid rhythm section of Ruben Shannon and Marcus Ryan and Richard Tankard’s soaring Hammond Organ.

50% of the proceeds from ‘takayna’ will go to the Bob Brown Foundation in support of their current efforts.

Goanna pic by Martin Stringer

Goanna‘s new single ‘takayna’ is a cautionary tale, in this era of climate change and continuing deforestation, of the need to pause and re-evaluate.

“takayna/Tarkine is under threat from clear-felling and mining. We are honour bound to do better, for country, for all the creatures that depend on those forests, including ourselves and future generations”, said Howard.

Chinese government mining giant, MMG, operate a long standing mine in the region, outside takayna/Tarkine, that has two sizeable, toxic, tailings dam and want to build a third  toxic acid tailings dam, the size of 70 MCG’s, on public land, beside the beautiful Pieman River.

“We all understand the need for jobs but there are more responsible ways of dealing with ‘tailings’ from a mine than to build a 48 metre high dam of toxic acid right beside a magnificent river in pristine forest”, says Howard.

“It defies logic really. The region is too environmentally sensitive. World’s best practice should be at the heart of what is of greatest value to Tasmania in the long run. There are alternatives.”

Goanna’s old friend and a giant of environmental defence and advocacy since the Franklin River campaign,  Bob Brown asks, “Do we have a right to expect the Brazilians to save the Amazon if we can’t protect the Tarkine?”

2023 marks the 40th Anniversary of Goanna’s 1983 anthemic song, ‘Let The Franklin Flow’ and the High Court Decision, on July 1st 1983, that prevented the damming of the Franklin River.

In 2021 Goanna’s lead singer accompanied protestors to blockade the road in the Tarkine that leads to the proposed mine tailings dam site. Two years later, the protesters are still  fighting for nature and common sense.

“The song grew out of that experience. I was deeply moved by the awe-inspiring majesty of the forest and the dedication of those ‘voices crying in the wilderness’, young and old, who were defending that country. These defenders of nature are the true heroes of the 21st century. They deserve our admiration and support.”

Goanna’s ‘takayna’ is out now on the independent Goanna Arts label through MGM
Buy/stream here: https://ffm.to/takayna



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