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The Great Barrier Reef To Be Saved By 12 Piece Post-Rock Orchestra – SELFLESS

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The Great Barrier Reef is under threat…
… and in response a new collaboration of artists, musicians, film-makers and performers have united to create a poetic statement on the future of the natural wonder that is the great barrier reef.

SELFLESS is a 12-piece Post-Rock Orchestra that unites a group of established musicians from a variety of disciplines including the Perth Symphony Orchestra and popular contemporary groups live scoring a video installation exhibited upon multiple screens and surfaces in an intimate setting.

The group creates epic long-form cinematic instrumental music akin to contemporary groups such as Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai and Sigur Ros. 

Watch the spellbinding Eden Is Lost below

Stream/Download it here

SELFLESS challenges conventions of traditional music and art in an immersive performance that breaks the fourth wall, designed to educate and empower audiences to help enact positive social change through a carefully crafted poetic statement.

Utilising footage from award winning film makers, a live cinematic tapestry is woven around a chosen narrative, soundtracked live by the orchestra without any lyrics or text, a purely emotional juxtaposition of sound and vision that evokes the feeling of experimental documentaries such as Koyoonisquatsi and Baraka.

In their first statement SELFLESS presents ‘Great Barrier’ an hour long performance exploring the natural wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef, the rich history and our troubled relationship that has lead to the current threat of its extinction: the bleached corals and the establishment of coal mine ports that threaten its existence, alternating with the human resistance and restoration efforts to hope to save it.

SELFLESS creates uncompromisingly powerful music in the spaces in which hope and despair co-exist.

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