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Review: BAY CITY ROLLERS featuring LES McKEOWN – Souths Juniors – 26 July 2018

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Yes, yes, yes, I know…. Another Bay City Rollers gig within 5 days! I admit it, I have turned into a full blown Roller maniac. But how can you blame me? Such a contagious show, with brilliant performances from Les and the band, and those lovely melodies, lyrics and fun tunes that keep me wanting more.  I couldn’t help myself… and this was very much a case of different venue, same hysteria. It was another night of Roller mayhem and yet again, a smashing set from Les and the band. You are all on fire again on this tour!

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I spotted the Japanese fans once more, standing right at the front middle of the stage, and had attempted to speak to one of the ladies before the show, but got a ‘I no speak English’ so that’s dedication for you! We can’t even communicate by speaking, but the magic of music joins everyone together.  How wonderful to be able to bring so many different cultures together with that one common thread of ‘music’. The band must be very pleased knowing there are such dedicated Roller fans travelling from far and wide to see their shows.

So after a nice little support set from Jeremy Costa, the carry on began… such vocal fans. Whistling, ‘woo- wooing’… they were very bubbly and energetic as ‘Summerlove Sensation’ kicks off, then it’s onto ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ‘Remember (Sha-La-La)’ and ‘Keep on Dancing’.  Amorous, to say the least, are all you BCR fanatics at the front.  After a few shouts of ‘We Love you Les’, we hear Les fire ‘I love you back’.  This repeats a few times until we get a saucy little version of ‘Be My Baby’ that sees a lucky lady having her face lightly caressed by Les… Well, if that didn’t add more fuel to this already overheating fire, the crowd just got more crazy. There was dancing in the side aisles, the continuous waving of the BCR tartan scarves and yes, more catcalling.

It was a very full single set tonight, slightly altered from last Sunday, as we continue with ‘Give A Little Love’ and then cutie-pie, Angus, the current Australian BCR tour canine mascot, makes his appearance.  Awww… so adorable and calm amongst the chaos, little Angus is totally oblivious to all the attention.  And chaos it was as the band forged their way through to the finale with hits ‘Rock’ n Roll Love Letter’, ‘You’re A Woman’ and ‘Rock’ n Roller’.  The great ‘70’s medley’ made it onto the set list again, which I really enjoy as the band is so strong playing live.  Such great musicianship and just one cranking song after another: ‘All Of Me, Loves All Of You’, the too much fun ‘Saturday Night’, then their smash version of ‘Yesterday’s Hero’ that I love, followed by more crowd favourites like ‘Shang-A Lang’.  There is always such an impressive sound from Les and the band live, really faultless, and true to the enduring rock’n’roll style.  Energetic and genuinely delighted to be there for their fans, it’s such a pleasure to dance and savour these live performances.

Then we come to our sweet little encore, and this must be a BCR encore trademark, the ferocious table thumping and chanting of ‘ we want more’ by fans who just can’t get enough. These mature BCR devotees show no sign of waivering, as ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and the Scottish tune ‘The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond’ bring another fabulous night to an end. Thank you once again BCR and thanks also to your wonderful fans. Enjoy the rest of this BCR ride everyone, you have a few more dates on this current tour to get out there to dance and sing your little hearts out.  We certainly hope they come back again soon!



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